Liran Kotzer, CEO & Founder at

"A few months ago our team moved to our new space and everyone is super happy with our new home. 
it wouldn’t happen without the great work that was done by Nadav Shchory, who took this project with limited resources and managed to do magics!. 
You can see the outcome below. 
Nadav is definitely one of the best providers I had the chance to work with - super creative, great attitude, and deliver what he promised and much more than that. 
Nadav, thank you buddy on behalf of the all Woo team!"

Adam Carmi, Co-Founder and CTO at Applitools

"A great workspace is vital for any company, but startups may have an especially difficult time in finding the right working environment. is the perfect solution and will customize their design services to provide exactly what you need. Working with Nadav is a no-brainer, and I recommend it to all startups! He will work with you and design a personalized workspace to meet all of your business and employee needs. he is patient and helpful through every step of the process. Nadav closely supervises each stage of the design and the construction to make sure you get the best end result. These services are worth every penny, as well as the perfect solution for entrepreneurs looking for a customized and efficient workspace design for their company".

Michael gabayCo Founder & CEO at Trigo Visions

"Nadav, it was a pleasure working with you, only those who saw how the place would look before the change and how it looks now can understand the revolution you made."


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