September 13, 2017

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November 12, 2016

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5 misconceptions to avoid when designing a new workspace

November 7, 2016


The design of work spaces has adapted to new forms of employment as well as business needs. Today, the modern conception of the office understands that an individual position is not the center of everything, but the employee must have other common areas, which relate to the workplace.

However, even based on a concept of modern office that can improve employee productivity in the short and long term, there are certain common mistakes that are made in the design of work spaces. Let's see the most common so you can avoid them in your company.


1. Designed work spaces are expensive.

Designed work spaces are not expensive. In fact, there are many ways to reduce your budget, and still afford functional and aesthetic  space. In addition, office design should be treated as an investment to get maximum performance from workers and, therefore, the maximum benefits for the company.add something about impressing clients and colleges.

2. Small offices do not need design.



 Precisely in confined spaces it is where design can make an even more important difference, for instance if your place is very small a proper minimal branded design will be able to make it suitable and functional for the job.

3. The individual workplace is the most important

This is a conception of offices from the  past that still remains present in the minds of many entrepreneurs. A worker sitting in a single chair is not synonymous with a productive worker.

Studies have shown that it is better to create spaces with common areas that allow communication, exchange of ideas and rest. With these three ideas employees become more productive and are able to do more, in less time. Another concept to consider is ergonomics to get the best results from workers.

4. Design is like decorating the office

Design goes far beyond decoration. It means to make a space as functional as possible for the work that takes place on it while keeping it pleasant space in sight. Although aesthetics are important you should always keep in mind office functionality for workers.add something about the field of interior design. it is flooded with people pretending to be professionals , and that is recommended to hire architects how practice in interior design.

5. Noise and poor lighting are external factors

 A beautiful office with open spaces, conference rooms and relaxation areas, can be a total waste if the design does not think of two major factors: acoustics and lighting. Well light space free of internal and external noise pollution will increase concentration and employees production and creativity .

Have you taken note of what are the most common mistakes when designing offices? Now you only have to check what aspects you could improve in your business and get down to work to get a much more functional, practical and productive work space.

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