September 13, 2017

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How to choose an interior designer for your startup

November 12, 2016

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How to choose an interior designer for your startup

November 12, 2016




Startup and co-working spaces have popped up in recent years with an unstoppable rise, reflecting the changing aspirations of the new generation of entrepreneur for a more visible &  individual impact that's inserted in a social cohesion environment, accelerating creativity and innovation.


One big important impact of this fundamentally new interpretation of work is the architectural transformation of the work space. The design of startups and co-working spaces extends to new boundaries, with new features in addition to the range of programmatic office related functions. The space becomes fundamental: a productive and satisfying work atmosphere gives the individuals the means to express their personalities and their creativity.


If you are looking for a successfully designed space for your startup, you are more likely looking to hire an interior designer, further more an architect that practices interior design. Take a look to the following tips to guide you along the way.



Identify your ideas and style


Before starting to look for a designer, make sure you know what you are looking for. If you have clear ideas on what you want the space to visually transmit to the people who will work there, it will be easier to pick designers while going through portfolios, and later, who to interview.


Some of the designers have their own signature style, others will adapt to your own desires. Ask yourself what your style is and if you have difficulties to identify it, take some time to perform some personal research on interiors using websites and magazines. It will help to hire the right person.



Pay attention to experience


Before choosing, study the market carefully. Consider hiring a young designer if you are looking for creativity and innovation! Although it may seem risky, you will get better prices and if you pick the right person, also a better quality of services. If you are asking yourself how you should valuate a young professional, we strongly recommend you to look for young designers/architects that have gained their experience in well known offices. Consider also the educational background and go through the conceptual projects on their portfolios which will tell you what you need to know about the designer’s style and creativity.


Be aware that startup and co-working spaces design is a new and challenging field in interiors: what you are looking for is a designer/architect with an innovative and stimulating design!



Be careful with budged


Be aware of the fact that your architect/designer will influence your budged. While you will have to set your own budged, you need a person that is updated with the construction market and understands the costs of a design project. This person will work by your side in determining what is the best alternative for your budged.



Increase brand awareness


Apart from creating the right environment for the employees you want in your startup, there is another important task when looking for the perfect interior spaces: making a good impression. The way consumers and professionals will perceive your startup will have a major impact on your work environment.


A good interior design can help you create an environment that is fully functional and visually compelling. By professionally designing the spaces for your startup, you can create the brand image you want to portray - choose the candidate that would best help you achieve this goal.



‘Less is more’


Be aware, that sometimes, in interior design, less is more. Consider it.


Interior design for startups is spreading in variety as fast as startups are: the big range of possibilities will be confusing. Look for a designer who will have clear ideas on the essentials and make sure not to overdo: a pure and essential design will reflect the clear ideas you have for your startup company.


Choose wisely before you start to negotiate and set up the schedule with your interior designer. Give to it the importance it deserves.



In the words of Mies van der Rohe, one of the greatest architects of Modern era: “A chair is a very difficult object to design. A skyscraper is almost easier.”


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