September 13, 2017

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How to choose an interior designer for your startup

November 12, 2016

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I am delighted to report that work on the offices is now complete.
For this project, I was asked to creatively redesign the company’s work space, under a tight budget and an even tighter deadline.


Photography : Liran sharabi


At the end of most projects, I like to post pictures of before, during and after, with a few words thrown in about the project and the client. This time, however, I wanted to do something different and talk about the concept, the process and the challenges.

For those who aren’t familiar with, it is an amazing company that created an AI driven virtual agent that works 24/7 for tech talent by searching, matching and delivering opportunities that meet their terms, straight to their inbox. provides an online platform for helping tech talent find their dream job and know their market demand.


The founders contacted me earlier this year. They were moving into a 1,000-square meter office area in the heart of Tel Aviv, and they needed my help.

I love working with hi-tech and startup companies, as I get to meet highly motivated, intelligent people, who want to create something meaningful. I often say that architects, designers and entrepreneurs all share the same drive to “change the world”.

No project is exciting if it doesn’t have its challenges, and this project had plenty:

  1. Turning dull, old-fashioned office spaces, full of corridors and rooms, into something else completely

  2. Maintaining the company’s core values and culture: Openness, work live balance, transparency and more

  3. An extremely tight schedule of only 3 months, from planning to completed renovation

  4. A predefined, limited budget.  



The process:

We were given information about the rooms and spaces needed, the number of employees, and the company’s expected growth. We first prepared design sketches, followed by 3D images. The idea was to ensure maximum comfort and maximum efficiency. The company needed an open and inviting main area, where the entire team could meet and where informal meetings could take place – and this area became the project’s anchor. Additional small offices and open spaces were designed, to suit the company’s requirements and future grown projection.


Whenever you renovate an old office, there are always surprises along the way. Especially regarding the infrastructure. Take a look at the entangled cables above the acoustic ceiling – a “gift” from the previous tenants.

The planning, and the action, continued even after renovation began. We constantly had to be available, flexible and make fast decisions – in the hope that the contractor would cooperate. I love a good cliché, and the cliché “A process is life itself” definitely worked overtime on this project.

The design process was intense, the “product” evolved gradually, and the end result was a unique dialog between the designer and the client.

Thank you​ people! I had a wonderful time working with you guys.


Photography : Liran sharabi











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